What Our Customers Say

"In our house, laundry day is once a week, and still, linen sheets feel fresh and crisp all week long. It is different with cotton sheets, which feel fresh the day you put them on the bed, but after only 1-2 days they lose that crispness and feel like they are dirty, wet and sticky. With linen, the sheets feel freshly washed every day - dry, cool, and crisp. I would have to change my cotton sheets every day to get that feeling of freshness and crispiness, whereas with your pure linen sheets, a once a week bed change is perfectly fine, even during hot summer days and nights."
(Andrew, a happy user of our 100% linen linens.)

"I like the slightly rough texture of linen sheets. It is very relaxing and comforting just to feel it against my skin. It is down-to-earth, natural and feels so right for the body!"
(Diana, another happy user of our 100% linen linens.)


"My skin is prone to irritation, and I often suffer from eczema-related rashes and discomfort. Since I started sleeping on your linen sheets, I have noticed a significant reduction in skin irritation, both in duration and severity. I am not sure if linen is to thank for that, perhaps there are other reasons of which I am not aware, but for the last two and a half years my skin has been mostly clear. The only lifestyle change that I have made was switching to your pure linen bedding.”

"Linen linens have got me hooked... I’ve become so spoiled that no other bed sheets are good enough for me anymore. Hotel cotton sheets just pale in comparison to my own linen bedding..."

"Your thick and heavy striped linen fabric works great for fitted sheets. The sheet stays in place, and the stripes make it easy for our teenagers to put the sheets on the bed correctly."

"When our air conditioner was on the fritz in the middle of the summer heat, I regularly went to sleep in the basement, where is is cool, but also humid. While all other (cotton) bedding felt damp and clammy, the linen sheets stayed perfectly dry."

"The sheet fits like a glove on our RV bed, with its irregular shape and rounded edges.

"I bought your striped duvet cover as a gift for my mom. She confessed to me later that she was worried at first that the heavy duvet cover might weigh down her beloved weightless down duvet and make it uncomfortable to sleep. But,turns out she is actually very happy with the combination of a feather-light down duvet with a heavy, thick, crisp linen duvet cover. Now she wants one more!"

"Your sheets are on our bed already. They are beautiful."

"Just wanted to say that it is very easy and pleasant to deal with you."


"Just to let you know that I received my order.  The sheets  are beautifully made, the seams are very well finished and I am extremely satisfied.  The sizing is generous,  with shrinkage in mind."