Dinner Napkins "Flowers", White, 100% Linen



100% Linen napkins

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100% Linen napkin


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Napkins "Flowers", Set of 4:


Price: $30.00



Napkins "Flowers", Set of 6:


Price: $44.00




Size: 45 cm x 45 cm

(17.7 in x 17.7 in)


Material: 100% linen.

Colour: white, with white-on-white pattern.

Package contains 4 or 6 napkins.


- Woven white-on-white pattern looks good on both front and back sides.

- Classy look, crisp linen feel.


Availability: Ships in 1 day.*


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1. Machine wash in hot water (up to 95° C (203° F), at normal setting.

2. Use non-chlorine bleach.

3. Hot iron.

4. No dry cleaning.

5. Hang to dry.


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100% Linen napkins, flowers


100% Linen napkins

Front side

100% Linen napkin, white

Back side




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