Linen Duvet Cover - 100% Linen

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Fabric content: 100% linen.

Availability: usually ships in 2 weeks.

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Product Details


- Duvet covers have a reliable button closure, which always keeps the duvet inside and can be safely washed many-many times.


- There is a great variety of actual dimensions on down comforters, duvets and duvet covers on the market, made by different manufacturers, even for the same size title ("queen", "twin" etc). In order to buy a well-fitting duvet cover, it is advisable to measure your duvet. Ideally, a duvet cover should be the same size as the duvet. In general, it is better when the duvet cover is somewhat smaller rather than larger. Than the duvet, which is pretty flexible and fluid, will sit nicely in its tight cover and will not slip away at night.


- If you don't see your dimensions in our products list, just call or email us to get the required size shipped to you in 10 days.


- We offer a variety of colours and patterns - classic white, elegant oatmeal, calm jacquard.




All products listed on this page are made from 100% linen fabric. In addition, fitted sheets have elastic, and duvet covers have buttons.


Colours and patterns:


Due to linen fiber properties, light variations in colour of separate items might have place. Actual colour might be not exactly as it seems on monitor.




100% linen fabric is manufactured in limited widths. That means that sheets and duvet covers for larger bed sizes  are made with seams.

We locate seams so they are naturally blended into design and take into account your comfort and enjoyment with this luxury bedding. Seams look neat and create polished image. Seams on linen linens are actually an additional prove that the fabric is 100% linen.




Being a natural fibre linen shrinks significantly after being washed in hot water for the first time. We take that into account, so you get the right size for your bed. New linens are shipped unwashed and should be washed in hot water before using them.





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Linen Duvet Covers Sizes



Nominal Dimensions,

width x length

Linen Duvet Cover,


168 cm x 218 cm

(66 in x 86 in)

Linen Duvet Cover,


218 cm x 218 cm

(86 in x 86 in)

Linen Duvet Cover,

Queen (oversized)

234 cm x 239 cm

(92 in x 94 in)

Linen Duvet Cover,


269 cm x 239 cm

(106 in x 94 in)

Linen Duvet Cover,

custom size

custom size - please email